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About Us

Cake story desserts was found in 2014. Started with a single outlet, we are a renowned brand with 40+ outlets in Pune, Pimpri Chinchwad and surrounding locations. The journey was tough and filled with innumerable hurdles, but the vision we have is strong enough to motivate us to this journey, which continues seamlessly. The main factors that made all this happens where the purity of the purpose and love of the people we have been serving.

            Started with just simple cakes, today we proudly take the honour of being the number one customized cake making brand in the town. And we are not only limited to cakes, we offer a number of other delicacies like ice creams, pastries, burgers, cold coffees, mastanies, puffs and much more. And we proudly excel in making all these varieties of lip-smacking flavours, making us the people's favourite.

                 Talking about customized cakes, we offer all types of customization you require, from being it to a simple photo cake or a big theme cake in innumerable designs and flavours. You just have to picture the cake, and we will have it ready for you within no time and also make it most affordable in terms of prices. 

The ice creams we offer are made with pure milk and no added preservatives, which makes it stand out of the box. We not only provide unique and tasty flavours, but also care for your health and provide a range of sugar-free ice creams so that you can enjoy your ice cream not worrying about your health issues, we have it taken care of for you!

                   We have doughnuts, pastries, and Choco lava cakes and many other unique desserts!

 Likewise, we also offer café service and provide a wide range of food products like cold coffee, Veg burgers and Veg Puffs. And not to forget, the most famous Puneri beverage, the “Mastani”. The variety of flavours and the taste of our “mastanis” is just too hard to get over once you go for it!

                       This makes us the one and only brand who is a server you with all these delicacies under one roof and the best in class products in health, hygiene and taste!



Our mission is to provide fresh & delicious Cakes to everyone. Cakes play major role in celebrating events because of this we want to double that happiness by providing our delicious cake which are filled with joy & happiness & made up with 100% pure ingredients, providing each & every type of cakes. 


As they say quality is the king, we started this journey with the sole purpose of serving people with their favourite delicacies made in the most hygienic and healthy way and not to forget we provide the taste, you would never forget. We just don’t serve you with eatables, but with a unique experience for you to cherish all your lifetimes, and that’s what makes us stand out of the box. 
Today we stand strong with 40+ outlets and still adding, making it one of the biggest cakes and dessert chain in the town. And we are more than happy and contented by bringing a smile to the faces of people we serve, because that’s what matters to us the most!

Pink Birthday Cake
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